Pretty much money is a medium that represents value and using it exchange for services and goods. Future money will be stored in some kind of chip that will be wireless. Money will flow very fast this way. It will be the new money. It could be called air money. Air money will be able to be tapped into from the air or wireless signals in the air. It's like you will be able to get money out of the air. Where there be any amount of money in the world that the government wish to issue. Possibly, the government could back money on something different than gold. But what they back money on in the future, could be on numbers, not a material thing. It's like everything is vain or vainity. Money can be any amount you wish it to be. It will be digital. There could be one person in the world that could control the money system. Some people might call him "Beast". But who knows. Whatever the future holds, money will always exists. I don't believe we will go back to the old ways. Like a barter system. Our world and society is to advanced.


Pretty much on the internet and super internet of the future. Money will be processed very fast. It will be processed at very fast speeds. It in the future could be untraceable. Where nobody knows where the money goes. The money transactions will be locked up in an encrypted system. And basically nobody will know the routes of the money and pretty much, it could be only one person in the world that new the routes of the money. But who really knows? Money is a system created by governments and people that is in control, but bitcoin was created by maybe a group of hackers. Bitcoin is pretty much the first form of digital money. Bitcoin isn't the first and last money system that will rule the digital world. In the future, something better and witter will come along and out do it. It will be something that will make the creator a Trillionaire and he could be called by an unknown name. And in the end, there will be one money system that is so advanced that it won't be broken or it won't be able to be beat.


The next money system will have ai built into it. It will know what you want and it will think own it's own. It will be called smart money. It will be smarter than bitcoin. It will use some of the technologies in Bitcoin, but it will have new twists to it to make it harder to out do or be improved on.


The new money system could be called Aicoin or maybe ai something or really something we never heard of. It will make the creator of the system richer, than the Bitcoin creator or creators of the system. The creator of the new system will feel like god. They will probably will won't to build empires and new systems in the world. The ideas behind it is limitless, there will be no end to the new digital money system. The new kind of Ai money will know you and it will know what you like and what you don't. It will be like a robot maybe. It will be like your money friend. The system will be impossible to crack.


The new money system or new digital ai system will progress faster than bitcoin and it will like last forever. It will be here for at least centuries that it will be so advanced. It will be built on daily and be improved on by thousands of programmers around the world. One person will direct the control of the whole process. Whatever they call him. He will be very intelligent to see the future for the system. He could be the world's first trillionaire and surpass all the trillionaires in the world. He will live a lavis lifestyle that everybody in the world envies. He will be the modern day king solomon. He will be so rich, that he will not be able to count his digital money. He could be so rich, that he couldn't even say the amounts of his money, because there isn't a name for amounts he has in money. It's like money will be so big in his day.