Marketing of the future

The future of marketing. Pretty much in the future all marketing will use Ai and Prediction technologies. Marketing will be aboiut trying to sell anything to anybody and to all the people in the world. Marketing technologies will use super computers that knows every human on the planet. Like what turns the human on and what turns turns them off. Marketing of the future will be so smart, that it will be able to sale "dirt" to anybody. Super computers will use very sophiscated computer algorithms to figure out what the consumer is thinking and what to try to tell and market to the consumer. This technology could very scary if you thought about. Where Ai and Prediction technologies could make buying as addictive as hooking somebody on drugs like making somebody buy as like they are addictive to cocaine. Ai and Predictive marketing could be the new beast in marketing and selling technologies that could make somebody a multi-Trillionaire over night if they new how to pull off a master scheme that could fool the whole world. Pretty much marketing is sometimes painting a pretty picture in front of our eyes and bringing on some dopomaine in the brain. It's like sex. Like marketing will be so powerful, that it's like we would be turned on by a marketing ad. It's like the marketing ad will know you like god and it will be seducing you to buy my product. Could marketing really become that powerful??? Would marketing become like a beast that would take anybodies money??? The question is unknown. But with computers and the witty inventions in computers could make this possible.


It's like a super computer or and an advanced computer that has lots of information about you could sell you anything you couldn't really want. If that was possible, it would be very scary. Google and Facebook could be the best marketers in the world. But could tech company that specializes in Ai and Prediction technologies be better at marketing than Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, or who knows? The question and answers could possibly be found in the product the companies are trying to sell. Marketing is really a science of human psychology and human interaction toward objects or products that is put in front them and trying to get them to want that object or thing. But can special computer algorithms like machine learning, deep learning, predictive technologies be used to seduce sombody to buy any thing that is put in front of them. Would you have to use humans in the process to produce great results. Basically, there is some people out there that is genisuses at selling anything they want to sell. But does sex sell? Is it all social? Could Ai, social, Predictive, and other technolgies be the beast at marketing any product?????????


Could robots of the future, that talks and communicates with us be better marketers than a human being. Will robots make trillions for us when selling products. Will robots know what you want than more than yourself??? Will robots replace the human as a marketer in a business? Will computer scientist know more about marketing than a young teenage kid that can about sell anything if they have a nack for it??? And could a computer scientist engineer a robot in the future be a marketing beast at selling anything to anybody. Will a robot be so good at marketing, that it could sell anybody "dirt". The future could be very bright for Ai and robots, Robots could outpace humans in marketing. The future computer be unknown. But that basically, don't mean somebody won't try to invent a robot that will be a marketing genisus at selling some thing.


But after all, the future is coming and robots will be walking around and talking to us and will probably have a mind of their own, so they could some what be the best marketers on the planet.