The home of the future will be like an living organism. Like it is it's ownself. It will communicate with all the systems in the home. There will be a computer that controls the home. The home will protect it's self from the weather and people intruders. The home will alert you when something dangerous is going on outside. All the homes in your neighbor hood will be networked together in a global home network system. Where you can communicate with your neighboors. Your home will be super energy efficient that it will save lots of energy on the power bill. Your home would control every device in your home. Your home will communicate to every electronic device that you have.


The future home will have technologies built into it to make it more social and a homey place to be. Your home will communicate with the police department, just for security to protect you. You will be able to talk to your home, just like you are talking to siri. Your home will know what is going on outside around it. Your home will see and hear what is inside and outside. Your home will also have privacy controls to you can have complete privacy. Your home will have irobots that clean your home. Every electronic device in and outside your home will talk to each other. The home will know when it needs to be cleaned and worked on. The home will talk to the internet and it will order you things you need for your home, like cleaning supplies and like food.


The home of the future will talk to the whole world. The home will know who is in the home and who is not. The home will know the family in the home. The home will know family friends. The home will have a wall computer so you can do computer stuff on the wall. The bath room in your home will be a computer. The kitchen in your home will be a computer or controlled by the home. Your utilities room is a computer and is a computer. The home will have fire proof things in your home to protect your home from a fire. Your home will call the fire department if it detects a fire. Your home will talk to you and it will know you personally, because you live there 24/7.


The home will be your magic place for all the new electronic gadets, because it will be wired for the internet wirelessly. Your home will get things working when you wake up in the morning and when you come home from work or school. Your home will be the organism that loves you and makes you feel good when you are sick or mad. It will play you music when you want music to be played like when you are having a great day.


Your home will have a memory of your entire family and it will grow and be updated daily will all the tasks that happen in the hope from day one till the end. The new future home of the fture only awaits us and it's a brave new world.