The future computer will be super or quantum. The future computer will think on it's own. The future computer will talk to you and you will not even have to touch the keyboard. The computer will fix it's self. There will be no virus that can't mess the computer up. Computers IQ will increase by seconds. Computers will know you before you know them. Computers in the future will program their selves. You won't even have to program anymore. Computer programs will talk to each other. Like for example like computer chat bots. Computer programs will have their own language to talk to each other. Chat bot technology will be solved or figured out in the future. People will have the internet or super internet. Where download and upload speeds on the internet will be so fast that anything you upload or download load will be down in billionst or trillionst of a second. There will be lots of data on the internet or super internet. There will be so much data, that computers or robots will always have to build systems to store the new data on the super internet. You won't have a hard drive on your computer. Your hard drive will be in the cloud. Everything on the internet will be worlds and Virtual Reality. VR will be the future. There will be VR games. There will be super social networks where there will be 100s of billions of people on the VR super social network.


There will be new Mark Zuckerbergs poping up right and left in the VR boom on the super internet. Everything pretty much will be virtual in the world. There will be machines that can make you anything that you could possibly imagine. Trillionaires will be made out of the 3D factory printer technology in the future. There will be 3D factory stores on the super internet, where anybody that has a talent for designing things with a computer program can be a multimillionaire or billionaire over night because of the 3d printer factory revolution that will happen in the future. There will be AI chips and Prediction chips for super computers. CPU chips for computers will be a thing of the past. Idea generating chips will come after prediction chips, maybe. Idea generating computer chips will be worth billions or trillions or more. The world pretty much by then will be a nerds world. It will be like geeks inherit the earth. Geeks and Robots will be the new thing. The Ken and Barbie dolls will feature computer nerds and robot scientists and a whole array of nerds that will be tommorows leaders of the century.


Bill Gates will be the first like computer god. There will be somebody that takes his place for Robots. The next god in computers will be with "Robots". Bill Gates will be the first legend, but somebody will take his place. After Robots, it will be a prediction "God" that makes devices that predicts the future. It's all down to data. Data is king in computers. If you understand data, then you are like god in computers.Computers are basically numbers. That's it. There's just numbers and characters in computers. And it's data. AI, Data, Prediction, Idea Generation is the next big things in Technology. I really can't see no future than that in the future. It will take somebody smarter than me to see further than I. It will be somebody that can see the "future" that can see the future further than me. The kids of tommrow is our key to technology. Robots and Ai is what era we are in right now. Pretty much, people's names and their interest determines their abilities when it comes with technology. The future genisuses of tommrow will have to understand harder computer concepts than we have of today. And pretty much, the future belongs to the computer nerds or robot nerds of today. And that's all I got to say.