The car of the future will be a true "auto-mobile". The car will drive it's self own it's own. The car could even drive it's self with no human being in the car. The car will talk to you. It will have it's own Ai system. The car will communicate with satelites in sky. The car will communicate with businesses and homes in the area where the person owns their car. Cars that go down the road in the future will all communicate with each other, like they are in communication networks. The car will have a computer screen built into the window. The computer will be able to do everything that is built into the window. Your computer will help you control the car. Your computer will have Ai and Prediction technologies built into it. Your car will have technologies like a electric motor. The gasoline motor will be a thing of the past. Your car will use a satelite radio.


Your car radio will store your favorite music. You can download music from the internet and store it on your car's radio system. Your car will crank it's self and unlock it's self when it seneses you when you come near your car. Your car will have backup cameras and cameras in the front of it also. Your car will be so advanced that will you have a major reck that you will survive. Your car will spit a foam that hardens instantly and you stick into it when a crash happens and it shoots out instantly and your body hits the foam instantly and your body is guarded by the safety foam. Pretty much the foam will be the new form for protection in the most dangerous car recks. It will save more people in car recks than ever. Your car windows will be able to automatically tent and untent from sunlight. Your car will have advanced child safety features to protect kids from getting hurt and from falling out of the car. The future cars will let you know if you leave somebody in the car under hot conditions in the summer. Your car will alert you on your keys or key fob that somebody is in your car during hot heat conditions in the hot summer.


Your car will be able to sense animals around in the forest and down the highway. This will prevent you from running into an animal. Pretty much your car will have heat sensors that detect the animal heat and it will alert you on your computer screen in your car that some animals around the road in the area that your car is in. So, that gives you the notion to take safety cautions and slow your car down and drive for them conditions. The car will alert you for bad weather conditions, so if a storm is up ahead on a trip that you are going on, then your car's navigation system will tell you some better directions to get around the storm. Your car will tell you good and bad locations in your neighbor hood. It will learn from police reports and pull data from the police computers and let you know that some neighbor hoods that you travel through are more dangerous than others. Your car will pretty much be your person transportation friend. You will tell your car what you want for that day, and it will send requests to other internet of things computers and order you food or supplies you need for the home or a good dinner you want for lunch. Pretty much, your credit card information will be stored in all your computers at home and all your electronic devices. Your credit card will be protected by strong encryption algorithms and strong info computers like firewalls, and etc. So, basically, it will be impossible for a hacker to steal your credit card numbers. Much less the hacker will also have to acutually have the credit card it's self, to do any damage, because of the chip that is integrated on the credit card.


In the future people will come to your home to repair your car, or come and pick it up and take it to the car dealership. There will be services in every town of the world where gas will come to you. You will not have to go to a car gas pump for gas. Much less, when your car is about to break down, it could take you home. And the car could possibly drive it's self to the car dealership by it's self. And somebody at the car dealership will start working on your car automatically. The car dealership will be open 24/7 days of the week. So, no worries about the car mechanic. Everything at the car dealership will always be in stock, like parts and all the latest car equipment.

Pretty much, there will be a car mechanic that is a master tech in your type of car. So, no worries of a dumb car mechanic that could screw up your car and make a mistake working on it. There will new and high standards for the new car techs of the future. Only the top car techs will get hired to do the auto repair work. Pretty much, there will never be an average joe car tech working in the dealership. It will be experts that has years of schooling in working on cars. So, at the end of the day, it's that feeling knowing your car runs like a top.