Welcome to the giggle blog. This website is about computers and technology. I write about robots and computers. The future is about robots. Robots will be the future of America. America will have automated cars and robots in the future. It will be a nerds world. Computer nerds will rule the universe. Computers will be in everything. Computers will run every device on the plantet. Robots will interface with the computer devices and objects. Robots will run factories and cars. Humans will never have to work. There will Billionaires and Trillionairs. There will be a lot of poor people that don't adopt and use technology. The poor people will be dumb and primitive. They will won't to go the old ways...................... The people of the future will use robots and Ai. Food and health will be diferent in the future. We will live a lot longer. We could possibly live a1000 years. Everything in the world will be digital. Paper will be gone. there will be over 7 billion people on the planet. The planet will be alot smaller because of improved social networks. Humans will be grown in labs. Future babies will be geneically engineered the way the parents want their baby... The baby will be immune to new diseases and live at least a1000 years or more. Technology will bring about the super race in humans. We will go to other planets. We will have space motels. We will have super computers and quautum computers for home computers. We will be using Ai in computer programs. Our computers will think own their own. Our computers will talk and setup things for us. We will have more time in our life to do all the things we ever dreamed of.. Robots is the future I can't stress that more. We will be need to study Ai a lot more. All the human diseases in the future will probably vanish. They will be erased out of the human gene pool that exists on earth. The robots of the future will program things we won't. Humans will not have to work at all. It's a brave new future. Human's IQ's will be very high. We wlll live on other planets. Like Mars, and other like earth like planets. The future looks very bright. Food to eat will be very different. People in the future will be more healthy and younger looking. People will pretty much have more time than ever to just do anything they want to do. We will have lots of space crafts. We will fly everywhere we go. The time to get to a new place will take seconds to get there, because of very fast jet engines and new technologies in transportation. There wil be new energies created, like Anti-matter. Anti-matter will be worth Trillions of dollars. Billionaires and Triollaires will create anti-matter. There will be more money than every in the world and the Universe. People will be problem free. There will be less crime than ever, because there will be no primitive weapons anymore. It will be laser weapons. Laser weapons will take a ring on your finger to shoot the device. There will be one government in the world. There will be one human race in the world. We will talk in one language. Religion could be here. We will be able to worship any religion we choose. There will be no World Wars any more. There will probably be space wars. Wars will be fought in space with lasers and big space crafts. There will be force fields that protect against lasers in the future. Nuclear energy will be a thing of the past. There will be new and stronger forms of energy for electricty. There will be solar energy and other kinds of energy. There will be plenty of Food in the World. Food will be able to be created instantly. People will play games on computers. People will use computers to control robots to play real life football games. Armies will use computers to control robots to fight wars in the air and on the land. Money will be stored in computer chips. Everything we want will be brought to us from stores. Everything will be Virtual Reality. We will have virtual communities. Pretty much money will have no limits of how much we can create. Bitcoin is the perfect example of it. Race wars and Drug was will be fought in the end. The government will fight the race war and drug wars. There will be a One World Government, it's coming. There will be a form of Singularity on the internet one day that Ai will increase daily and grow in intelligence by the seconds. There will probably be no end of times. Some people will say the bible was a hoax maybe. But who knows. People's Brains in the end will be stored in computer chips. Robots will be in hospitals. Prediction technology will predict the future of everything. There will have prediction chips in computers that can see the future.or know what could possibly come. All the human Dna and Genes will be understood and fully mapped in a computer. Everybody in the end will be Ai engineers and Predicition engineers and engineering super and quantum computers. Things in the store will be very high. Inflation will make things super expensive. Than besides a 1 dollar tree. There will be a 100 dollar tree. Where everything in the store is a 100 dollars. There will be idea machines invented that create new ideas for scientists. Kids in school will study quantum phyiscs and Ai. Kids will take engineering courses to learn how to create new foods, computers, electronics, buildings, factories, robots, cars, and other kinds of and advanced systems that will make the world a better place. Pretty much things will advance very fast. People will have to have other brains hooked to them to keep pace with the learning cycles of the future. The humans memory will increase at very high rates in the future. Mental illinesses will be a thing of the past in the future. Every body in the future will be able to discover their talents and gifts. They will be able to accomplish their dreams a lot faster in life than ever before. Everybody will know everything about anything they ever wanted to knwo. Everybody will own their own business. They will be able to make any amount income that they are able to accomplish. People will be a lot free in the future. People will be able to travel anywhere they wish to go because of the unlimited amounts of resources that has been created in the universe. The future looks very bright. Pretty much everybody will be equal on earth. In the future we will see new ideas that we never thought existed because of the unlimited amount of technologies that will be created. Ideas will come a dime a dozen. Ideas will be very unlimited. It will be just a matter of creating the ideas in the future of making them work. Ideas to get produced in the future will come easier than ever. Anybody that has a dream to come up with an idea that fits them will able to make their idea a reality. Nothing in the future will be impossible to make. We will build towers to space. Flying vehicles will be the future. We will have robots that do everything for us. They will clean our yard and home. They will do it for practicallhy nothing. Just bascially the cost of some energy and that's it. Robots will be your friend. You will probably work with a robot in the near future. Robots will pretty much automate all the human tasks that a human can't do and can do. Robots will never get tired. Robots will probably never make an error at doing a task, unless something malfunctions with it. But that's about it. Cars and Flying cars will fly their selves. Pretty much the whole world will be automated by machines, AI, Prediction technology, that we will not even realize it's going on before our eyes. Cancer and heart diseases will be cured. And like I say, a whole vast of all the human diseases will not even exist in humans anymore. It's like we will be super humans or super gods. The only thing we will have to worry about is to figure out how to entertain our selves that we would have so much time on our hands. And what we will make our llfe like. Or how we choose to live our lives in the New Brave World of Super Technology with Robots and Machines that will do practically everything for us. In the end, we might pretty much envy the super geniuses and the Trillionaires or Gazillionairs that has all the money and super tecnologies. But everybody has a gift and when you are young, you pretty much have alot of time on your hands. So, that means you can create and make anything you want to make. And after all, they say life is what you make it anyway.